US favors supporting Israel over honoring human rights obligations: Tehran

Washington prefers to provide unconditional support to the Zionist regime over honoring its human rights obligations, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has said, referring to the ongoing crackdown on pro-Palestine rallies in US universities.

In a post on Thursday on his X account, Nasser Kanaani pointed out that the brutal suppression of student protest movements against the war crimes of the Zionist regime is ongoing in the US and Europe.

“With the continued violent suppression of student protest movements in the United States, it is clear that for the United States and some European countries, commitment to support the Zionist regime unconditionally has priority over the human rights obligations,” he wrote.

Kanaani added that people around the world are seeing through the hypocritical human rights slogans of the US and European politicians, who have been violating their citizen’s basic rights in favor of some war criminals. 

More than 1,000 students have been arrested at US university campuses since the pro-Palestine protests started in mid-April at Columbia University, New York, demanding that their universities divest from companies aiding the Israeli regime’s genocide in Gaza.

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