Iran says pursues situation of its national arrested in Iraq

Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi has announced that the situation of Mohammad Reza Nouri, an Iranian national imprisoned in Iraq, is being pursued.

Since the arrest of Nouri, his situation was followed up through the phone and during the visit of Iranian Judiciary chief to the neighboring country about three months ago, IRNA quoted Gharibabadi as saying on Saturday.

After legally following up the issue, his charge changed from terrorist measure to another one, so it paved the way for transferring him to Iran within the framework of extradition treaty between Tehran and Baghdad, Gharibabadi noted.

Further, Gharibabadi dismissed the basis of allegations against Nouri.

He went on to say that the Iraqi side has rejected the US demand for transferring Nouri to the United States.

In his remarks, Gharibabadi referred to his contact with Khaled Shwani, the Iraqi minister of justice, after meeting with Nouri's father and discussing the improper situation of his son.

During the contact, Iran called on the Iraqi minister to take due measure to provide proper conditions for Nouri, according to Gharibabadi.

The official underlined that Iran’s Embassy in Iraq is in contact with Nouri and the prison staff.

He added that transfer of Nouri is on the agenda of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In mid-May, the late Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian had met with Nouri’s father and wife, and said the Ministry spares no efforts to help Nouri be released and transferred to home

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