Supreme Leader: Israeli crimes in Gaza left no room for appeasement

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza have left no room for appeasement, calling on Muslim governments and people to practically show their disavowal of the regime and its allies, particularly the United States.

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a message to pilgrims performing the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. The full text of the message was published on Saturday.

“This year, the issue of disavowal is more significant than before. The tragedies in Gaza, which are unprecedented in our modern history, coupled with the arrogance of the ruthless and of course declining Zionist regime that is the symbol of cruelty and brutality, have left no room for consideration and appeasement for any Muslim individual, party, government and sect,” he said.

“This year’s disavowal should be continued beyond the Hajj pilgrimage in all Muslim-populated countries and cities across the world,” the Supreme Leader noted.

He also said the disavowal of the Zionist regime and its supporters, particularly the US, should show itself in words and actions by nations and governments and should tighten the noose around the “executioners”.

Ayatollah Khamenei further called for all-out support to the people of Gaza and their strong resistance, which he said has attracted global admiration.

Elsewhere in his message, the Supreme Leader said that the Holy Quran introduces the Hajj as a manifestation of servitude to God, equal dignity of human beings, and a manifestation of spiritual life and moral peace.

Hajj serves as a source of assurance for Muslims, but is a source of fear for enemies and ill-wishers, he said, adding that it is no surprise that the enemies and ill-wishers of the Islamic Ummah take aim at these two aspects of the Hajj pilgrimage through magnifying political and religious differences, among other measures.

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