Zionist regime’s artillery shells areas in southern Lebanon

The Zionist regime’s military has once again bombed areas in southern Lebanon amid rising tensions between Israel and the Hezbollah Resistance Movement.

According to Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen news network, the Zionist regime's artillery shelled areas around ​​Barghuz in the city of Hasbia, Nabtia province on the border with occupied Palestine on Wednesday night.

So far, no report has been published about the possible casualties or damage of these attacks which took place after Hezbollah's fierce retaliatory attacks on various areas of the Zionist regime just hours ago.

Hezbollah announced on Wednesday that it targeted the command center of the Golan Brigade of the Zionist regime at the Nafah base and the headquarters of the regime's anti-aircraft and missile systems at the same base by firing 100 Katyusha rockets.

Also, the movement said, its fighters successfully targeted the Al-Ramtha base located in the occupied heights of Kafr Shoba with rockets.

On the other hand, Hezbollah also targeted the headquarters of the 769th brigade in Kiryat Shmona base with Falak missiles.

Since the beginning of the Israeli genocidal war in Gaza following the Al-Aqsa storm operation by the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip against the occupying forces, Hezbollah also started a large-scale operation against Israeli targets in the north of occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah usually targets Israel’s military and espionage facilities but the Zionist regime has been attacking residential areas in southern Lebanon resulting in civilian casualties.

The regime has also recently issued rhetoric and threat about opening a new war front with Hezbollah but resistance officials have warned the Zionist leadership to think twice before any mischief, saying Israel should not expect that any such conflict will be limited even if it intended to carry out limited operations against Lebanon.

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