Abu Obaida: Fate of Israeli captives ‘a toy in hands of Netanyahu’

Hamas military spokesman Abu Obaida has said that the fate of Israeli captives has turned into a toy in the hands of the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who only tries to protect his own interests.

Abu Obaida, the spokesman of Hamas’ military wing Ezzedin al-Qassam Brigades, made the remarks on Sunday, according to Arab media reports.

He said that the complete victory, which Netanyahu is talking about, means his personal victory and satisfying the members of his cabinet.

The Hamas official made the comments as Netanyahu is facing growing discontent from the Israeli public over his handling of the Gaza war and refusal to reach a truce deal with Palestine’s Hamas resistance movement in a bid to secure the release of dozens of captives still held in Gaza.

A poll released by Israel’s Channel 12 on Saturday showed that 68% and 46% of participants described the handling of the conflict by Netanyahu and his Minister of Military Affairs Yoav Gallant respectively as “very bad” and “bad”.

Speaking about the situation in Gaza, where relentless Israeli attacks have continued for more than eight months now, Abu Obaida said that the occupiers continue to commit genocide and kill Palestinians because they are adhering to their right to keep their own land.

He said that the Israeli regime forces use Palestinian civilians as human shields and brutally attack hospitals, schools, mosques and churches in Gaza.

The al-Qassam spokesman further said that the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli regime was not started with Al-Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7.

That operation was just “an explosion” against the Zionist regime’s crimes, he noted, adding that Palestinian resistance groups have fought with the Zionist enemy and brought them to their knees across Gaza.

No place in Gaza is safe for the occupying forces, as they hide in houses or behind armored vehicles like “thieves” in the face of Palestinian fighters who have become stronger and enhanced their defense capabilities.

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