Presidential election sign of institutionalized religious democracy in Iran: FM spox

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani has hailed the latest presidential elections, saying that the vote indicates that religious democracy has been institutionalized in the Islamic Republic.

“Holding two rounds of elections by the Iranian government within a week and 50 days after the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raisi, coupled with people’s participation, is a sign of the depth and the institutionalization of religious democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran”, Kanaani said on Monday during his weekly press conference.

He also hailed the outgoing government for holding free elections inside and outside the country within the shortest possible time span, describing the move as another key event in the history of the Islamic Republic.

The spokesman congratulated president-elect Masoud Pezeshkian on his win in the elections and expressed gratitude to Iranian expats who went to the polls despite problems in some countries.

Good neighborliness policy

He said the Iranian administration has gained significant achievements in its policies of good neighborliness and multilateralism.

Kanaani further pointed to the promotion of cultural, trade and political relations with neighboring countries, resumption of ties with some regional states with which the country’s ties had been severed, and Iran’s effective role in strengthening regional and extra-regional cooperation within the framework of establishment of security and stability as important examples of those achievements.

Iran’s important role in solving the Caucasus crisis was cited by Kanaani as an example of the country’s efforts to ensure regional security.

Also, joining the BRICS bloc of the emerging economies and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization during the past three years enabled the Islamic Republic to fulfill its potential, he added.

Kanaani also said the Iranian government could make use of the capacities of the international bodies to deal with important international questions and become an effective member of the Eurasian Economic Union to achieve great economic interests.

Also, playing a leading role in the counter-terrorism cooperation in the region was on the government’s top agenda, the spokesman underlined.

BRICS membership

When asked whether Russia has hindered Iran’s membership in BRICS, Kanaani said that he has neither heard nor can confirm the speculation. 

Iran-Russia banking transactions

As to the mechanism on how to link the Iranian-Russian banking systems, the spokesman said that Iran has put forward an initiative to utilize a mechanism proper for the BRICS’s member states.

The Russian side is in favor of Iran’s suggestion, Kanaani said, expressing hope that Iran’s proposal can be applicable among the bloc’s members. 

In early July, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mohammadreza Farzin said the country’s Shetab banking system would link Russia’s MIR interbank system by the end of August.

Zionist regime’s possible attack on Lebanon

About the likely strike of the Israeli regime against Lebanon, the spokesman said that any attack on Lebanon would affect regional peace and stability.

Kanaani went on to say that the world has a responsibility to respond decisively to the adventurous actions of the regime.

The nation, the government, the army, and the resistance front in Lebanon are determined to defend the country, he noted.

He further noted that the fighters of resistance will defend Lebanon more than ever.

Iran regards defending Lebanon as a principle, the official said, adding that the Islamic Republic will not hesitate to advocate the Arab country at the right time. 

Sanctions removal talks

Elsewhere in his presser, the spokesman said that the outgoing administration made every effort in stalled negotiations to revive the Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).  

The negotiations have a specified mechanism within which the administration made all of its efforts to revive the JCPOA and remove the anti-Iran sanctions, Kanaani said, adding that the 13th administration will continue its efforts to protect national interests until the last day in office.  

He noted that Iran has enhanced its bargaining power regarding the negotiations, which he said should be used well by the next administration.

On possible talks between Iran and the US, the spokesman said, “Our diplomatic channels are open in various ways” and indirect talks have been held. Details of the talks will be announced when necessary, he added.   

‘Canada prevented Iranian expatriates from voting’

Criticizing Canada for not allowing the Iranian expatriates to attend polling stations to cast their votes in the July 5 runoff presidential election, Kanaani said Canada, despite its claims about human rights, violated the Iranian society’s civil rights.

And the world’s public opinion will judge about Canada’s anti-human rights measure, he added.

He explained that despite its diplomatic efforts through various channels, the Islamic Republic was not successful in this regard.

Meanwhile, Kanaani went on, Iran set up some polling stations near its borders with Canada to enable the voters to cast their ballots.  

Release of Iranian prisoners abroad

After the release of some Iranian prisoners abroad which was the outcome of the Islamic Republic’s serious endeavor to support its nationals, it proved it sees the issue as its main duty to constantly extend legal support to its nationals imprisoned in foreign states.

About an Iranian national imprisoned in the UK, the spokesman said the Islamic Republic supported him during the past 12 years and coordinated with his lawyers, adding that the country is still pursuing the issue by holding talks with the British embassy in Tehran.

US meddlesome approach on Iran’s election

It is expected that the US will admit to the existence of democracy in Iran, Kanaani said, condemning the meddlesome remarks in Iran’s domestic affairs.

It is a principle for Iran to pursue the establishment of constructive interaction with all countries including the European Union, he said.

Violation of human rights by US

The US abuses the ideals of human rights to advance its political objectives, Kanaani said, urging the United States to protect the rights of American citizens rather than violating them.

If the ideals of human rights are global values, all self-styled rights advocates should in practice adhere to them, he added.

Diplomatic ties of Iran, China

Iran will pursue mutual relations with China, one of the most important countries in the world, he said. 

Diplomatic relations with friendly countries are subject to Iran’s principled policies, the diplomat said, adding that the ties could be bolstered given the interests of both sides.

A constructive interaction should secure the interests of both sides, he said, noting that the Islamic Republic has pursued a cooperative approach in this regard.

Adopting confrontational approaches by certain European administrations has hindered the establishment of relations with Iran, he added. 

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