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Salehi: technical, legal issues complicate N-talks

Politics - Iran’s head of Atomic Energy Organization has said negotiators will ‘definitely’ stand against any ‘excessive demands.’

Ali Akbar Salehi who was speaking to reporters during his participation in the rallies marking the anniversary of Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Tehran on Wednesday, said that the complexity of the negotiations was due to technicalities and legal issues inherent in the talks; “nuclear negotiations are in sensitive stage, and our colleagues in the AEOI who are also in negotiation team as technical and legal negotiators have complete control over the legal and technical aspects of the talks and I ensure the nation that they will protect our national rights fully,” said Salehi to the press; “people should know that our colleagues carry the major part of the burden of negotiations, and will definitely stand against any excessive demands by the western powers,” he emphasized.

In response to a Mehr News question whether the government will see the desired agreement by the deadline, Salehi said that he was very hopeful; “however, to make predictions is very difficult; given the whole analysis and information, I would scarcely propose any other path than cooperation. No other alternative path is also envisaged, and no other practical path for the west as well would be thought of,” he said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has walked in a path to dignity and strength; and the Leader of the Islamic Republic clearly announced the official line of policy few days ago,” he added.

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