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Again Terrorism, Global Cooperation Is Impending

Politics - Over the past fortnight, London, Kabul and today Tehran have been the targets of awkward terrorist attacks, taking the lives of tens of innocent civilians. The savaged terrorists, so far, have resorted to different ways and means to commit inhuman slaughters.

What matters is not certainly the ways the terrorists used for their savaged homicide. Combatting to prevent these crimes is far more important.ISIS criminals have so far taken the responsibility of their manslaughters in Tehran London, Kabul and many other points of the world.
It is worthy to note that to achieve their disgusting aims, now terrorists have encroached on all countries of the world. It is pretty regrettable that these killers do possess all possibilities, being extravagantly and financially supported. More important is that terrorism now has gained international dimensions. So, absolutely, no western or eastern country in the world, being powerful or weak, rich or poor, large or small, is immune to this ominous phenomenon of the millennium. Through the past year, other than Iran, France, Britain and Afghanistan, some other points of the world have been attacked by ISIS terrorists and unfortunately the genocide by this band is going on. Therefore unless an impending mechanism and collective international measures be worked out, certainly the homicide in Tehran will not be the last criminal act committed by terrorists. It needs to be reiterated that so far to combat the terrorism only single measures have been taken by a number of countries, with no international implications whatsoever. Some countries, among them US and Britain, by restrict measures such as tightening granting visas and entry into their countries,have allegedly tried to combat terrorism. Undoubtedly, these could be the indispensible measures but cannot and should not be perceived enough just as we can see these have not stopped criminals and terrorism is making its way to any place. Internationally, no effective steps have been, so far, taken and the United Nations Security Council has merely passed some shallow and, if you like, nonbinding resolutions, condemning a few countries, who themselves have been also victims of terrorism. Now that the terrorism has turned into an international and inclusive dangerous challenge, undoubtedly an all-out solution to fight terrorism is quite indispensible.
It is disgraceful that, reportedly, some British, German, French as well as American nationals are among the recruited mercenaries of criminal ISIS.It is now quite important reminding that all those who committed coordinated attacks on 11 September in US were Saudi citizens. Moreover, ISIS enjoys the generous financial support of Saudis and is strongly provided with arms and ammunitions. The whole world is quite aware of this undeniable fact. The worse is that the United States and Britain are quite aware of Saudis involvements in ISIS terrorism actions, nevertheless within the past couple of months they were even competing for the arms sales to Riyadh worth of hundreds of billions of dollars. It is an irony that in the course of presidential race, Donald Trump had described Saudi Arabia as "the hub of terrorism!!!" .Those arms, willy-nilly, can be reached the end users that are the terrorists. The Saudis even had dared to go so far that defense minister Prince Mohammed ben Salman did say "the war should be spillover inside Iran". Now with shameful terrorist act in Tehran and ISIS taking the responsibility, there is no doubt that they could have Saudis support.
Having all this in mind there is no end to "globalized terrorism" unless:
- an inclusive collected action with the effective and vigorous participation of all countries of the world be initiated under the observation of the United Nations and be implemented. Certainly, the guarantee of execution of the world body decisions is quite vital and should not be limited merely to advice and recommendations.
- Those countries who sell arms make sure of the end users and in the sales contracts this be guaranteed that they do their best the arms will not be turn over to terrorists.
-The last but not the least, all countries, particularly those mentioned above, should spare no effort to control and prevent strictly their own citizens from being recruited as mercenaries by the terrorist groups.

By and large the countries that arms and financially supports the terror gangs think twice that given the dangers of international terrorism, they themselves definitely will be backfired. This is a fact that the history time and again proved

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