Zionist regime's brutal attacks against Syria condemned

In the meeting between visiting Iranian foreign minister and the Syrian president after the devastating quake in that country, the two sides strongly condemned the brutal Zionist regime attacks against that country.

Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in his Thursday evening meeting with President Bashar Al Assad expressed deep sympathy with the Syrian nation and government for the recent deadly earthquake in Syria, and exchanged views with him for evermore expansion of bilateral cooperation, as well as other issues of mutual interest in the regional and international scenes.

The Iranian foreign minister condoled with the Syrian president, government and nation on the occasion of the sad death of thousands of Syrians in the horrendous Syrian quake.

Amirabdollahian said that the strong and humanitarian stands of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the need for removal of the unjust US and western countries' sanctions against Syria and the need to forward humanitarian aids for the quake-stricken Syrians are unchangeable.

The Syrian president, too, in the meeting appreciated the messages by the Supreme Leader, President Raisi, and the  humanitarian aids forwarded to the quake-stricken Syrians, which are not only materially, but also spiritually of great importance.

"Your today's visit to the people of the quake-stricken regions, too, is appreciated," said President Assad, adding, "Amid the sensitive conditions of the region, this visit has a deep political meaning."

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