Pres. Raisi terms Syria’s visit as turning point in expansion of ties

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said that his two-day visit to Syria was a turning point in expanding relations and appreciating their resistance.

Upon his arrival in Tehran early on Friday, President Raisi said that after 12 years of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for the Syrian resistance, as well as the Syrian people and government resistance against the plots and machinations of the enemy, his two-day visit to Syria had great importance for the two countries and the region.

Describing his two-day visit to Syria as a turning point in the expansion of economic, political, and security ties between Iran and Syria, Raisi highlighted that his trip also was a way of appreciating the resistance of the Syrian people and government against the invaders.

Iran and Syria have good capacities and grounds for cooperation to improve economic ties, President Raisi said, adding that during several meetings with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, mainly financial and trade issues and sharing mutual capacities between the two countries were discussed.

He underlined that the issues of cooperation in the field of energy production and distribution, facilitating economic and trade cooperation with the establishment of a joint bank and insurance, as well as the reduction of trade tariffs between the two countries, strengthening and expanding transit between Iran, Iraq, and Syria, the Syrian side's efforts and Iran's help to revive Syria's agricultural, industrial and energy capacities after the war and facilitating pilgrimage trips between the two countries, are the 15 axes of cooperation documents that were signed between the two countries.

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