Iran made nuclear progress despite 20 years of sabotage: AEOI chief

Iran has developed nuclear knowledge despite two decades of sabotage in the country’s industrial sites, says Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami.

Eslami made the remark during an inauguration ceremony of a development project in Tabriz, the capital city of the northwestern Iranian province of East Azerbaijan on Tuesday.

Although the enemies had claimed that they would attack the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities, Iran’s nuclear energy potential is now at its peak, Eslami said.

He also said that all nuclear technologies have been gained in the country through round-the-clock efforts.

Eslami highlighted that the AEOI is currently among the top producers of radiopharmaceuticals and referred to the heavy water produced in Iran as the driving force behind the country’s technology.

On the same day, he unveiled a self-shielding gamma irradiation machine capable of processing 20 metric tons of agricultural products per day in Bonab, a northwestern city in Iran.

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