On the eve of World Environment Day Iran’s president has said industrial revolutionaries had paid no attention to the results of man intervention within nature.

Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with the staff of Iran’s Department of Environment on the eve of World Environment Day and said that the 11th cabinet started cooperation with environment.

He addressed the meeting and dubbed pollution and destruction of nature as two major causes which destroy environment.

Rouhani added that his cabinet considers the environment issue as an important agenda and held that removing environment problems need a culture followed by the public.

He mentioned crisis of water supply in the country and said that “once during industrial revolution era man did not know the result of their intervention within the nature but they did and destroyed the nature and lagoons and rivers were all affected in addition to jungles, plains and wildlife.”

Rouhani invited all media of the country to cooperate with his cabinet to pay more attention to the environment protection and public health as important issues.

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