Iran’s FM has expressed Iran’s willingness to transfer any humanitarian aid to Syria in the 2nd conference of ‘Friends of Syria.’

Javad Zarif told the meeting that “any solution to Syrian crisis remains inside Syria itself and any political resolution for Syria entails fighting extremism first.”

“Islamic Republic of Iran has respected the Syrians’ demands since the crisis outbreak in the country and has always regarded a Syrian-Syrian approach as the best way to resolve the problem there,” Zarif addressed the meeting of the 2nd conference of ‘Friends of Syria’ in Tehran.

He asserted that the foreign powers should forget about the illusions of securing their interests in Syria via military means there and should accept that the Syrian crisis can only be resolved via political approaches based on Syrians’ national will embodied in their votes.”

“As a politician I declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to cooperate to solve the Syrian crisis and send humanitarian aid to the Syrian people,” maintained Zarif and that “the recent months saw good progress in political issues of Syria.”

He expressed hope to see stability and peace in Syria and expressed good wishes for the conference.

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