President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the Iranian people by attending the voting stations in June 2013 elections declared that they would not quit moving towards freedom and would do the same in May 19 elections again.

He made the remarks in Hamedan's main sport stadium during his one-day official visit to the region.

In the forthcoming elections, the people will once again say no to those who just knew how to execute or imprison, Rouhani added.

“Our youth have chosen the path of freedom,' he said while referring to some groups' opposition to freedom of social networks.

“You cannot prevent progress and freedom of our youth.”

President Rouhani said that contrary to the concerned groups’ desire, this government inaugurated Hamedan-Tehran railway and will open Kermanshah railway next month.

He pointed to the opening of Orumieh-Rasht and the Tabriz railway in the coming months, and said that the current government plans to connect the country to the world and as you see it connected five provinces to the nationwide railway.

The government is committed to open the National Youth Organization, Rouhani said.

He addressed the critics of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and said, “I want to ask you that why today, those who benefited from the sanctions are so sad.'

President Rouhani addressed those benefited the sanctions and said, 'Know that people will reply to you on May 19 presidential elections.'

Rouhani went on to say that in June 2013 presidential elections the nation declared that it had not and would not accept the path of eleminating and isolating Iran.

He reiterated that the great nation of Iran once again in February 2016 announced that its path will remain the path of freedom.

In reference to some branches of power support for presidential candidates, Rouhani said that why the spokesman for an apparatus is using his position to deal with negative aspects of the government's accomplishments.”

“We will not permit an apparatus which is expected to be used for justice to be used for accusation and tarnishing others.”

Rouhani said that 'we don’t want monopolists and we will not allow them to divide the nation'.

“Our way is the way of peaceful co-existence of all religious sects.'

In reference to some presidential candidates campaign that four percent of Iranian people have more access to power and wealth and 96 others are deprived, Rouhani said, “We are 100 percent and we will not permit some to divide us”

He called for huge turnout of people in the upcoming presidential elections, and said that all people should attend the voting stations to say no to those who want to create unrest and division in the Iranian society.

“We will come to the voting stations to make employment for the youth and women.”

“I know these people, they are one who wanted to build wall between men and women in the street sidewalks as they did this in the work-places,” Rouhani said.

“They are those who dismissed 860,000 women from work, but we created jobs for 750,000 women in the past four years,” he added.


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