President Hassan Rouhani described on Monday the meeting of the US president Donald Trump and some Arab heads of states in Saudi Arabia as a show without any political value, that has been repeated over past several times.

“Terrorism issue is not resolved by holding meetings and pouring money to the superpowers’ pockets,” he said, describing the recent meeting of US president Donald Trump with Arab heads of states as 'a futile show'.

“Those who could stand against terrorism, were Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese people, and the Iranians supported them by sending diplomats and military advisors, and they would pursue their support in the future,” he added in his first press conference since his re-election in the 12th presidential election on May 19.

It was for The Iraqi and Syrian people resistance against the Daesh (the ISIS terrorist group) that today no terrorist is present in the big cities of the two countries, President Rouhani said, stressing that without Iran's contribution, there would be no stability or security in the region.

Affirming that those who supported terrorists, could not claim that they are fighting against them, he asserted.

Certainly the US nation would not be willing to exchange the victims of the terrorist attacks of the 9/11 with the money they receive from selling weapons, said Rouhani referring to Trump’s attempt to persuade the Arab states of the Persian Gulf to buy more and more weapons.

Iranian president referring to Trump's accusations against Lebanon's Hezbollah added that the group is a trustworthy one to the Lebanese people and government, a respectful group to Muslims and non-Muslim Lebanese who has a presence in the country’s parliament, and there would be no use in accusing, rather, the solution to the issue of terrorism is a sincere fight against it.

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