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22 May 2017 - 15:03

Washington should give up warmongering, interventionist and Iranophobic policies and stop selling dangerous, but useless weapons to regional supporters of terrorism, Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on Monday.

The US, in less than 48 hours from the 12th Iran’s presidential election with a huge turnout, resorting to Iranophobic policies in line with the US past interventionist approach, tried again to persuade the region’s states to buy the American weapons more and more, Bahram Qasemi said referring to the US President’s recent anti-Iran claims in Saudi Arabia.

Addressing Arab heads on Sunday, President Donald Trump accused Iran of supporting and funding terrorist groups and at the same time pushing them to Purchase more weapons.

Critisizing 'the hypocritical, interventionist and provocative claims' of the new US government officials “which are aimed at confronting regional nations' sovereignty and supporting the Zionist regime of Israel, Qasemi added: 'Unfortunately some states in the region, instead of relying on their peoples' power and regional cooperation capacities, have become dependent on the major powers' support, hence, paving the way for the destruction of the countries' crucial infrastructure, as in Yemen and Syria, by Takfiri terrorists.

Describing the previous US governments' propagandas as examples of the intervention in internal affairs of the regional countries, and also pointing at what he described as 'the US role in creating Takfiri terrorism' such as Daesh (the ISIS terrorist group), Qasemi urged Washington to give up the warmongering, interventionist, Iranophobic policies, and advised it to stop selling dangerous and useless weapons to the main supporters of terrorism.

“It is surprising that a country accuses Iran of destabilizing the region, while it has been an accomplice of the Zionist regime in suppressing the Palestinians for decades by its full military, financial and intelligence support, and in the recent years, it has been arming some Arab regimes in the Persian Gulf region to kill the Yemeni defenseless people.”

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman affirmed that the US and its regional partners should know that Islamic Republic of Iran as a democratic, stable and powerful country enjoying the popular support is acting as a promoter of peace and good neighborly in the region and confronting violence and extremism in the world, therefore, it would not change course under the rhetoric of such states.

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