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14 July 2021 - 20:47
Best Jams You Should Try At least Once

According to the survey, it has been recorded that France is the only country that consumes the maximum amount of jam among all the countries in the world, and it is known to be the largest market for jams.

France represents around 50% of the total imports of jam in the world. There is a massive demand for berry fruit jams as well as tropical products like the mango puree that has been growing in demand.

Jams are basically fruit products that people all over the world enjoy having them especially during breakfast. These jams are obtained by the process of fruits being cooked with or even without adding any extra sugar and gelling agents.

According to different tastes and preferences, there are other flavor jams available for the consumers. They are mainly made from the ground and crushed fruit, and it results in a thick spread which is enjoyed with bread and tea.

Today thanks to the internet, you will be able to find different types of tasty and best jams that can be made at home and enjoyed at breakfast or during tea time.

Best Jams You Should Try At least Once

Tips for Making the Best Jams

Follow the tips if you are interested in trying and preparing jams at home.

· Using firm and ripe fruits is advised so that the jam will set better and give its best flavor.  Do not go for the overripe fruits as they tend to provide a soft set. In the case of the best jams, the firm set is considered to be better.

· Make sure you know the recipe and have all the ingredients along with the equipment before you start preparing the jam. Having good jars and lids is mandatory to store the finished ready jams in them for later use and storage.

· Make sure to measure all the ingredients exactly according to the recipe provided.

· Do not forget that jams usually take up to 2 weeks to set appropriately.

What is Marmalade?

Marmalade is considered to be the same as a jam, but the only difference is that marmalade is from the bitter Seville oranges that originate from Spain as well as Portugal.

The name of the marmalade has a Portuguese origin, and it is a quince paste that is much like the texture of the orange spread. You can enjoy eating marmalade during breakfast on a toast along with tea or can even enjoy in the sponge puddings as well. It is highly optional depending on the taste and preferences of the consumer.

Marmalade and jam are made in the same way. Jam is a mixture of mashed or even a pureed fruit along with sugar, whereas marmalade is prepared with the use of citrus fruits along with their peels.

Among them, the most famous and well-known is the orange peel marmalade. Sweet orange marmalade that is made with the use of Valencia's navel and orange is also well known. You can find orange peel marmalade recipe here.

Apart from fruit jams, if you are a carrot lover, you can even prepare the carrot jam at home easily. On the other hand, carrot jam is known to be the best type of jam made from carrots as the main ingredient and base.

You may think that carrot jam sounds odd initially, but you should know that this particular type of jam goes really well with many foods due to the natural sugar content it has.

Carrot jam is well known in Britain, and you will be surprised to know that some grocers carry carrot jams in their shops. There is no need for processing in the case of carrot jam, but if you desire to keep it even longer, then processing the jam is a good idea.

Got tempted already to make the best jam at home using carrots? Then read carefully. Grate the jams and then cook them on a medium fire. Add the lemon juice as well as the zest to it and let it cook slowly.

You can add three cups of sugar, but it is highly optional and depends on the amount of sweetness you like. Slowly add half a tablespoon of salt and let it cook until you notice the carrots have suspended and turned to a thick syrup.

You can let it cool and then start pouring the carrot jam into jars to refrigerate. Enjoy the taste of the homemade carrot jam.

Health Benefits of Fruit Jams

Many health benefits are associated with jams. Knowing the health benefits, you will never pass a day without jam on your table.

· Jams are not like butter, margarine, as well as Nutella and cheese. Jams do not add to the cholesterol level or even the fat content in the consumer's body. Instead, jams help a great deal in maintaining a healthy weight.

· In all the fruits you will be able to find pectin. During the heating process of jam preparation, pectin gets modified naturally, and it has the potential to help reduce the chances of the consumer getting cancer. It also can improve the hair, skin as well as fingernails of the consumers.

· Jams are a great source of sugar, which is why they are considered to be the best for providing energy and fiber.

· Jams can curb the hunger feeling in the individual eating it and hence make the individual eat less hungry and satisfied at the same time.

· Jams are rich in calories as well, and if you are an individual who is a weight loss seeker, then it is a good idea to consume jams sparingly in fewer quantities.

· Jams that are prepared with healthy fruits such as strawberry jams can reduce the risk of heart strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases in the individual consuming them. (You can find strawberry jam recipe here.)

· Jam is also concentrated to be a great source of nutrition in the case it is made with the use of ripe fruits.

Jams are a great source of energy and nutrients, as you read earlier. So do not wait and add jams to your shopping lists the next time you visit markets.

Lastly, if you make these jams recipes be sure to find more recipes on yummynotes. Yummynotes is a food blog that features all creative, healthy, delicious and easy recipes from all over the world.

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