Iranian science-based firms to have broader presence in Russia

Minister of communications and information technology said a cooperation document in IT field has been signed between Iran and Russia, which paves the path for active presence of mighty Iranian science-based companies to have an active presence in the Russian markets.

Isa Zarepour made the remarks after negotiations with his Russian counterpart and signing a number of cooperation documents in communications and information technology field.

He pointed out that also in virtual space meetings among the Iranian and Russian companies the needs and capacities of the two sides have been identified as of two months ago.

The communications and IT minister added that the representatives of 18 competent Iranian companies, too, have been in Moscow since three days ago and have reached very good agreements with their Russian counterparts in face-to-face meetings.

Zarepour further reiterated that on the sidelines of his negotiations with the Russian minister of digital development, communications and mass media four cooperation documents were signed between the Iranian and Russian companies, and a document, too, was signed between the two ministries.

He said that by signing those documents, the ground is paved for evermore deepening of  cooperation in communications, media, software, hardware, and digital services fields, and from now on the Iranian firms will have a very effective and broad presence in Russian markets.

The communications and information technology minister emphasized that finding new markets for the Iranian products and IT facilities is one of the major strategies of the Communications and Information Technology Ministry, and it is seriously pursued.

On July 19, a 20-member delegation of information technology and communication companies’ technicians and managers departed for Russia. That delegation's objective is development of digital economy and marketing for the products of the Iranian IT companies in Russia. The Iranian communications and IT minister, too, joined that delegation today.

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