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24 January 2023 - 23:54
Iran FM says emotional behavior to cost Europe dear

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in the Uzbek capital on Tuesday condemned the European Parliament’s meddling and unconventional resolution and stressed that such emotional behaviors will have a negative impact and will cost Europe dear.

So, the right path is to focus on diplomacy and interaction based on constructive and reasonable policy, Amirabdollahian said in his speech at the 26th Meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Council of Ministers underway in Uzbekistan.

The 26th Meeting of the ECO Council of Ministers is scheduled for January 24 in the Uzbek capital.

In his remarks, the foreign minister congratulated his Azeri counterpart Jeyhun Bayramov on being elected as ECO president for 2023.

Amirabdollahian said three decades have passed since the ten ECO members made effort to reach regional convergence.

He went on to say that ECO “as I’ve already underlined” can act as an example of successful South-South cooperation, energy relations, and interactions in the areas of tourism, technology, and science.

Elaborating on the ECO capacities, Amirabdollahian said the Organization should upgrade inter-regional trade among the member states.

The ECO should also develop transportation and try to be turned into an example of cooperation between the countries which produce and consume energy.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to share its achievements in the knowledge-based field with the ECO members, the foreign minister said.

Referring to Iran’s initiative undertaken by President Ebrahim Raisi to let gas serve the world economy after the pandemic, Amirabdollahian said such an initiative can be considered as a basis for cooperation in the ECO.

Turning to the issue of Afghanistan, Amirabdollahian noted Afghanistan is an important member of the great ECO family, and the Islamic Republic has been after a policy on supporting the neighboring country.

Such support would prevent occurrence of human tragedy in Afghanistan, he underlined.

Further, he said that focusing on the issue of human rights is among the Islamic Republic's priorities.

Elsewhere, the foreign minister condemned the desecration of the Muslims' Holy Quran in Sweden.

The Western countries’ support for such insulting moves under the pretext of freedom of expression is not acceptable, he stressed.

In the end, the foreign minister expressed the Islamic Republic's support for following up on the implementation of the ECO plans.

ECO has ten member countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Turkiye.

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