Iran's UN mission: Stopping genocide in Gaza is a global demand

Iran's permanent mission to the UN announced on the occasion of Nakba Day that stopping the genocide and starting a judicial investigation into the gross crimes committed by Israel in Gaza is one of the world's demands.


The permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN wrote on Tuesday local time by publishing a video on its user account on the X channel (former Twitter) and wrote, "The day of Nakba is a reminder of 76 years of forced displacement, usurpation and occupation of the Palestinian land."

It pointed out that stopping the genocide and quickly starting a judicial investigation into the gross crimes of the Israeli regime in Gaza are among the demands of the world.

In a relevant development earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has described the fake Zionist regime as the supreme symbol of organized terrorism in the world.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Nakba Day, which is considered also the anniversary of the establishment of the occupying apartheid regime in the Palestinian land.

According to the statement, May 14, 1948, marks the onset of the calamitous occupation of Palestinian territories and the violation of human rights of the oppressed nation of Palestine, and the sinister consequences of this establishment have engaged the region and the Islamic world for the past 76 years.

Nakba Day is the date when the occupying regime was created in the heart of the Islamic world as a result of the British colonialist plots, which is reminiscent of a period of genocide, occupation, displacement as well as desecration of sanctities in Palestine with the support of colonial powers, in particular the United States, the statement added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran categorically condemns the massacre of more than 35,000 innocent people, mostly women and children, as well as the injury of around 75,000 Palestinians in the ongoing war on Gaza, all have been done by the United States’ political, military, intelligence and economic support over the past seven months, the statement emphasized.

Iran supports the full membership of the Palestinian state at the United Nations, it said, adding that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm has paved the ground for strong worldwide support for the Palestinian nation and the vigilance of the world public opinion on the Palestinian cause, which will end up in the liberation of the historical land.

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