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16 March 2023 - 22:56
Iran to send envoy to UAE soon: Deputy FM

Iran has appointed its ambassador to Abu Dhabi and the new envoy will depart for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the coming days, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani announced.

"Of course Iran and the UAE had not severed their relation, but the two countries had lowered the level of their diplomatic ties. The UAE sent back its ambassador to Tehran a few months ago. Iran has appointed its new ambassador to UAE, the administrative procedure of his credentials is almost complete and he will travel to Abu Dhabi in the near future," Bagheri Kani said.

Turning to the issue of the Brix economic apparatus with the Europeans, he said, "We hope in the framework of the Brix Plus, which we will establish, we will be able to accelerate the trend of ridding the economy of those countries get rid of the reign of dollar."

Bagheri Kani recalled that once a European reporter asked him, "What do you expect of Europeans? What do you expect us to do to be pleased with us, and say we like the EU to be this way?"

"I told him we just expect you to do one thing: Only be after securing your own interests. If the Europeans will be after securing their own interests, then we will not have any particular problem with them. The problem arises when your governments begin pursuing the other sides' interests, which creates problems both for them, and for the others," he said.

The deputy foreign minister for political affairs reiterated, "Our serious concern in the agenda was that the negotiations should not be intermingled with 'ordinary life affairs of the people' because the people expect us to secure their interests in this process. It is not appropriate that each day a point to be brought up in an interview to disturb the public opinion about the negotiations which is not appropriate."

He said that the negotiations have two sides and each side must reach its own sum up, so that the total sum up will be reached.

"Right, or wrong, the other side, too, might have expectations, and we have our expectations and red lines and national interests which need to be observed," Bagheri Kani added.

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