Iran backs full withdrawal of ‘illegal foreign forces’ from Syria: Envoy

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Amir Saeid Iravani has said that his country backs the Syrian government’s demand for the complete withdrawal of “all illegal foreign military forces” from the Arab country.

The Iranian envoy made the remark on Wednesday as he addressed a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria.

Iravani called the Syrian government’s demand legitimate, arguing that the “illegal presence of foreign military forces has created favorable conditions for terrorist activities within Syria.

Here is the full text of the Iranian envoy’s address to the Security Council meeting.

Madam. President,

I thank Mr. Pedersen, the Special Envoy, for his updated briefing.

Terrorism remains a significant threat to Syria and the wider region, with its epicenter situated in areas beyond the control of the Syrian Government. The unhindered movement of terrorist groups, including Daesh, into Syrian territory, where foreign forces are illegally present, poses a serious threat to both regional and global peace and security.

Moreover, Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity persistently endure grave violations, stemming from both the occupation of certain areas by illegal foreign forces and aggressions by the Israeli regime and terrorist groups. These violations have inflicted sustained suffering upon the Syrian people, further exacerbated by the imposition of unlawful and inhumane sanctions.

The fight against terrorism must not be used as a pretext to undermine Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We support the legitimate demands of the Syrian Government for the complete withdrawal of all illegal foreign military forces from Syrian territory. The illegal presence of such forces has created favorable conditions for terrorist activities within Syria. We are convinced that sustainable stabilization in Syria can only be realized by upholding its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Madam. President,

We strongly condemn the repeated aggressions and violations of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity by the Israeli regime. These reprehensible acts, like the recent terrorist attacks on Damascus and its surrounding areas on August 21st, deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure, constitute a flagrant breach of international humanitarian law and the UN Charter. They also pose a grave threat to regional peace and stability.

The international community's inability to address these ongoing violations is deeply disturbing. The Security Council must take a strong stance, condemning such egregious violations and compelling the Israeli regime to cease its aggressions and put an end to the occupation of the Syrian Golan.

Madam. President,

On the political track, there is no other alternative to pursuing a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned settlement with UN assistance. We emphasize the importance of the resumption of Constitutional Committee meetings as an effective mechanism for advancing the political process.

It is crucial that the Committee's work strictly adheres to its Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure, free from external interference or pressure and devoid of artificial deadlines. The UN's role should remain facilitative, with the process being entirely Syrian-led and Syrian-owned.

We support ongoing efforts by Mr. Pederson and his contacts with the parties to overcome the Constitutional Committee's impasse.

We are actively engaged in maintaining communication channels with the Syrian Government, the UN Special Envoy, and our partners with the primary aim of resolving the crisis and alleviating the immense suffering endured by the Syrian people.

We applaud the recent bilateral agreement forged between the United Nations and the Syrian Government to deliver essential humanitarian aid via Bab Al Hava for a period of six months, which offers critical relief to those in dire need.

Furthermore, we commend the Syrian Government for its constructive cooperation, a pivotal factor in enabling the expansion of humanitarian operations. The decision by the Syrian Government to extend the operation of the Bab al-Salam and Al-Ra'ee border crossings for another three months until  13November holds the potential to significantly enhance direct and efficient access to individuals in need of assistance.

Madam. President,

We are firmly convinced that a secure, stable, and prosperous Syria is not only in the best interest of the Syrian people but also serves the broader interests of the region and the international community. In line with this belief, we actively support Syria's growing regional presence and applaud the recent positive developments in Syria's diplomatic relations, both regionally and globally.

The return of Syria to the Arab League and the resumption of relations with Arab countries, exemplified by the recent meeting in Cairo on August 15th, represent significant steps forward in bolstering Syria's security, stability, and prosperity. We also emphasize our support for the ongoing Syrian-Turkish dialogue, recognizing its pivotal role in these broader efforts.

We hope for a swift reassessment and correction of policy by Western countries regarding Syria. Such a rectification has the potential to significantly contribute to the restoration of stability, peace, and prosperity in the region.

Iran remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborate with its partners, working towards achieving long-term and sustainable normalization in Syria.

I thank you, Madam. President.

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