An Iranian analyst of the Middle East affairs Hasan Hanizadeh says the West’s political and military actions against Syrian government are being taken covertly at the moment.

In a brief article written for Khabar Online, Hanizadeh notes that he believes many similarities are observable between the former situation of Libya with that of current Syria.
"Despite such similarities, for the existence of common borders between Syria and the occupied Palestine, the West powers above them the United States confront Syrian issues cautiously and vigilantly," the article reads.
"Unilateral sanctions imposed by the European Union against Syria, the condemnation of Syrian government by The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the intervention of the Arab League in Syrian turmoil and Turkey's military movements in its common borders with Syria have taken the Arab country to the new phase of internal crisis," it adds.
Hanizadeh believes although Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reiterated the readiness of his government for direct talks with the opposition leaders, the current condition of Syria is so critical.
" Turkey is to take military action against Syria on the pretext of defending Syrian people and on behalf of NATO, all the paths are facilitated for a ground assault from Turkey's border with the Arab country," he says.
"But since Syria has common borders with the occupied Palestine, unrest in that country may have negative impacts on the occupied Palestine, so all the measures should be adopted secretly. In this situation the US and the West are using their political, financial, economic and media leverages against the government of Bashar al-Assad," Hanizadeh concludes.
Turkey has already threatened to join international military intervention in Syria. However the government of Bashar al-Assad announced this week that it would implement the Arab League plan and would permit Arab observers to monitor a regional peace initiative aimed at ending months of violence which is leading the country into a civil war.


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