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2 February 2012 - 22:27

After a visit Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal made to Jordan, Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip began a tour to the Middle East countries where he is supposed to visit Kuwait, Iran and Bahrain and meet the officials of these countries.

As rumors on the possible relocation of Hamas headquarters in Syria have become much stronger, the travels made by Hamas leaders have been in the spotlight of the world media.
But what is notable in the midst, is the effort made by what called the ‘axis of moderation’ which includes the allies of the United States in the region [Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and most Gulf states] which are seeking compromise with Israel to put Syria under more pressure in the public opinion.
Syria is the only country which has given shelter to Palestine's resistance movement, as the basements of the Palestinian groups are in that country. Therefore the departure of groups affiliated to resistance movement would obviously makes the public opinion of Arab world rather cynical to Syria.
Certainly, such plan which is currently underway by the media of those countries which are allies of the United States and opponents of Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad would bring them a great success if it is fully implemented. As such efforts are carried on, we have seen that Khaled Meshaal and some other Hamas leaders, as well as the crown prince of Qatar traveled to Amman, Jordan and held meetings with the King of Jordan Malek Abdullah.
Such visits prove that efforts made to move Hamas headquarters in Syria are highly backed by the countries of the ‘axis of moderation’ which are associated with the United States, and are part of Qatar/Saudi Arabia scenario.
According to some sources, the visit of the crown prince of Qatar and the leaders of Hamas to Amman was a failure, as we saw after the meetings that despite a powerful popular basement of Hamas in Jordan and the return of Meshaal to that country after 12 years, he and his aides left Jordan immediately without a meeting with popular groups and Islamic parties.
Such evidences prove that the travel was not successful.
On the other hand, based on what some informed sources associated with the leaders of Hamas say, the visit to Jordan was particularly influential in strengthening the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas movement, since during their travel to Amman they realized more than before that their only supporters in the Middle East region are Iran, Syria and Hezbollah of Lebanon which are currently sheltering the movement.
*Former Iran's Cultural Attache in Syria


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