Head of the Human Rights Council in Iran's judiciary Mohammad Javad Larijani censured the West's double standard in dealing with ongoing events in Syria and Bahrain.

At a meeting with Tom Koenigs, Chairman of German Parliament's Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Larijani criticized the silence of Western countries including Germany toward the crimes committed by Al Khalifa and Al Saud in Bahrain.
During that session which was also attended by the German ambassador to Iran Bernd Ebel, Larijani referred to the developments in the Arabian countries of the Middle East and said: "Hasn't the time come for the West to receive the message conveyed through such uprisings?"
"Weren't the dictators whose regimes were toppled in the Middle East region the allies of West? Isn't the "Islamic awakening"[a term used by Iran to describe the Middle East’s recent movements] in these countries reveals that the West's impression of Islam is a distorted image?" He stated.
Javad Larijani is a top adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is the brother of Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Judiciary Chief, Sadeq Larijani. He is also the international relations advisor of the judiciary branch.
"As the Western countries are blasting Syria through their political and media attacks, by their silence, they have adopted a totally different approach toward the oppression of People's uprising in Bahrain and Yemen," Head of Iran's Human Rights Council added. 
Iranian officials had already condemned the West's stance on Bahrain and dispatching military forces from some allies of the West in the region [Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates] to Bahrain for quelling the protests staged against Al Khalifa regime.
The West has reciprocally claimed that by backing some groups from the majority Shiite population of Bahrain, Iran is interfering in domestic affairs of that country but Tehran has firmly denied such allegations.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani suggested that the term "defenders of human rights" has been tainted: "Unfortunately nowadays terrorist groups [including Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and PJAK (Party for Free Life of Kurdistan) by implication] have hided themselves under the guise of this term and the Western countries support them to achieve their goals."
"The US and the European countries should bear in mind that the new ploy of the opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran is recourse to the deceiving guise of human rights. It's not reasonable that anyone who criticizes Iran on the issue of human rights and propagates against the Islamic Republic is awarded by the West," he added. 
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