A top Iranian lawmaker has called on France’s president-elect to “learn lessons” form the mistakes of the outgoing French president and reconsider the country’s policies towards Iran and the Middle East.

“Francois Hollande should learn lessons from the viewpoints of [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy, as his performance in different areas led him to a point where the people of France said no to him,” said Spokesman for the Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Kazem Jalali in a Tuesday interview with Mehr news agency.

“Therefore, I think Mr. Hollande should thoroughly re-examine France’s policies towards the Middle East and Iran as well as Sarkozy’s international policies,” he added.

The Iranian legislator noted that the results of the presidential election in France highlighted the opposition of the French public towards Sarkozy’s extremist views and his aspirations for a uni-polar world under the aegis of the US.

On Sunday, Francois Hollande, Sarkozy’s Socialist rival, won in the French run-off presidential election after he secured around 51 percent of the votes against some 49 percent garnered by the incumbent president.

He is the first Socialist politician to win the presidential election after 17 years of right-wing dominance over the country’s politics.

The French President-elect now has to face the country’s rising unemployment and stagnant economy, for which Sarkozy has been under fire.

Hollande has criticized the austerity plans implemented by Sarkozy's government, saying austerity can no longer be the only option for Europe, and pledged to bring growth and prosperity back to the continent.

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