Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed concern about the increasing use of mine in conflicts and wars, and said nations should try to create a world empty of extremist views if they want to solve the mine problem.

"Inspired by the humanitarian teachings of Islam, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been the harbinger of peace, stability and tranquility in the international community," Rouhani said in a message to a ceremony held in Tehran to commemorate the 'International Mine Awareness Day' on Tuesday.

"Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the solution to the mine problem is not only specific to restrictions on the use of all or some types of mines, but also in creating a world empty of violence and extremism based on the UN Charter, including development of friendly relations among nations and international cooperation in resolving global issues based on respecting the principle of equality of nations' rights," he added.

Rouhani underlined that all countries should focus their efforts on removing the roots and causes of armed conflicts, limiting the interference of powerful countries in the internal affairs of other states and forbidding the use of force and threat in relations among countries.

The United Nations' International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action is observed on April 4 each year. This day aims to raise awareness about landmines and progress toward their eradication.

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