FM Zarif warns against designating champions of resistance terrorists

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that people of Iran deserve respect and reverence and that anyone who considers the champions of the region as terrorists will have no future in the region.

Speaking at a meeting of ambassadors and heads of missions and foreign organizations in Tehran on Monday on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Zarif said that before the victory of the Islamic Revolution many governments were along with a disgusting regime which was hated by the Iranian people.

Stating that incomplete or false impression of the realities of Iran led to dangerous policies that caused the riots taking place in Iran, the region and the world, the top diplomat highlighted that those who have been dreaming for end of the Islamic Republic for the past 41 years, and based on this misunderstanding, every day continue and repeat their previous wrong policies. Although the Iranian people reject this view with their support, presence, and stance, the enemies provide an excuse to remain firm on their wrong attitude.

The Iranian foreign minister added that people declared that "we disagree with the enemies and disapprove of their policies, and show their support for the Islamic Republic by attending the commemoration ceremony of Martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani".

"We do not expect the United States to understand these facts, he said, noting that we expect our friends and countries who are present in Iran to convey the facts to their capitals. Western countries must know what country they are facing with. What kind of people they are facing," he added.

The Iranian foreign minister stated that the people of Iran deserve respect and reverence and made the remark that these people will take their rights in whatever way they can. It is better for countries to be on the right track in history and for the Ummahs to be with the Iranian people, not with those who stood up to these people.

Emphasizing that tomorrow you will once again see the epic of the Iranian people, Zarif underscored that the enemies must know that the Iranian people are supporting the enemy of the US. Set aside false dreams.

He added that whoever does not respect these people, does not respect the champions of the people, does not respect the heroes of the region. Whoever, alongside the US, considers the heroes of the region terrorists, will have no future in the region. It is a fact that the Iranian people have shown to the world for 41 years and will show to the world for another 41 years.

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