Iran always supports oppressed of world, President Rouhani says

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the World Quds Day will convey the message of the oppressed Palestinians to the world, noting that Iran always supports the oppressed of the world.

Rouhani added that people of Palestine have been displaced from their homes for more than 70 years as their homes have been seized.

He pointed out that there is a lot of pressure on the Palestinians and every day a new conspiracy is being carried by the United States against Muslims and the Palestinian people, adding that the unwavering resolve of the Palestinians as well as their resilience will continue and sooner or later this path will lead to ultimate victory which that day will be a pleasant day for us.

"Quds will not be forgotten and will not remain in occupation of oppressors. The land of Palestine will be liberated one day. We do not accept and tolerate this oppression and aggression in any way," he underlined. 

Quds is city embracing one of the holiest Muslim monument – al-Aqsa Mosque – as the first Qibla of Muslims and the place wherefrom the Holy Prophet began his spiritual journey, Mi'raj. The people of Palestine, under siege by the Zionists, are looking forward to the help of world Muslims to reclaim Quds. The Last Friday of Ramadan month has been name the Quds Day by Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Revolution in Iran, to mark the awakening of Muslim world to free Palestine and Quds, in particular.

Referring to the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, President stated that we should be happy with recent situation that has been happened to our two neighbors.
The president said that Iran was pleased with end of trouble the Iraqi people were suffering by the formation of a new government.
It would be a good step for Iraq's stability and economic vitality in these difficult days by an agreement that was reached among Shia and Sunni, Kurds as well as Arabs groups in Iraq on new agreed government, he further noted. 
Always Iran has been with Iraq and will continue the support more as good neighborly and brotherly nations as well, Rouhani stated.
He added that we came to the mutual understanding and agreement with Afghanistan in order to establish stability and security in this country.
We have made a great contribution to helping the people of this country besides in the jihad of their Mujahideen over the past 42 years that is why we are most sensitive to their fate. And nowadays not only we stand by them as brother but also we have hosted Afghan migrants until now and we will do so again.

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