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18 January 2021 - 23:28
Maximum pressure, minimum support

 National security, despite its entire complications, is achieved as a combination of correct and effective interior and foreign policies.

1. Each of these two fields include intermingled political, economic, military, environmental, and cultural fields, in which without simultaneous consideration, achieving relative consensus among political elites on how to define objectives, and harmonizing the means with defined goals for long-term national security cannot be achieved properly.

2. By interior policies in this note I mean to emphasize on the high level influence of policymaking and actions of the political elites on entire affairs. The political players’ method of acting, the methods applied in permitting a vaster spectrum, or a more limited number of the political elites to circulate in the political system, training elites and choosing them in various political levels, and eventually, efficient policymaking and applying trust-building policies to increase the social capital that is required in ensuring a satisfactory level of national security, as a dire need.

3. Our national potentials and capacities during the past four years were under the pressure of the most unprecedented invasion of foreign economic and propaganda campaign, and also tested under those conditions. Trump administration has been the most exceptional government that emerged in the US modern history, and of course the world history, in terms of lack of responsibility and indifference towards the norms of the US society and the world community that breached the most evident Internaitonal rules and regulations. Our Iran, beyond doubt suffered losses in the process of the irresponsibility of a great world power.

4. Trump and his administration, as an unprecedented and irregular phenomenon could any moment create a huge war, or get involved in a terrorist act in the region – and the assassination of Brigadier General Martyr Qassem Soleimani was a sample of turning that potential into acts. If Trump could achieve national consensus, or the full collaboration of the Europeans, and somehow Russia and China, he might have implemented the notorious Israeli dream of disintegrating Iran by resorting to military means – although the cost of doing so would have been very high for him – but when faced with Iran’s patience and active resistance strategy, he moved towards further tightening Iran’s regional segregation, and completing the economic maximum pressure. Although the media atmosphere against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is so tense today, but history will judge the role played by JCPOA in implementing Iran’s active resistance and strategic patience policy, and will show how ensuring national security under the shadow of the unpredictable and perilous Trump administration was achieved thanks to the highly damaged JCPOA.

5.  During these tough years that the shadow of war has always flied over Iran, and our national economy has been under the influence of the toughest sanctions in world history, and left behind its most bitter hard times, the government has been pursuing the declared policies by the Supreme Leader, managing the aftermaths of the strategical economic-propagation campaign of the west, controlling the economy as far as possible, and humiliating the United States from achieving victory against Iran. Trump’s real defeat was not in presidential elections, but the day he realized that his maximum economic and propagation pressure against Iran had led to his own administration’s segregation in the UN Security Council (UNSC) after facing three consecutive defeats there in anti-Iran moves. At the Internaitonal courts of justice, too, America was defeated in its anti-Iranian claims. Although the bitterness of economy is heavily bothering the minds of our people, but the truth is that despite all these tough pressures, it was the economic and political management of the government that deprived the Trump administration from achieving its goals. This does not mean ignoring the deficiencies, but trying to comprehend based on justice.

Trump strategy after facing defeat in establishing a global consensus and launching a war against us, focused on heating the ground inside Iran and encouraging the people to pour into the streets, and to deprive the Islamic Republic of seeing its 40th anniversary.

Naturally, without people’s resistance and public understanding we would have never achieved such an unprecedented success when we were faced with the roaring fire of inhumane enmities. Also, this great objective would not have been achieved if our political and social elites had not wholeheartedly focused on keeping the devastating fire away from Iran with their rational policies and with full support for the government’s selfless efforts.

* President’s social communication advisor, and government spokesman

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