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7 June 2021 - 14:15
Best eCommerce Development Companies in Dubai

If you need an eCommerce website in the middle-east, you should read this article.

Whether you have a small shop, trading company or willing to sell a product in the middle east, you need an eCommerce website to do that.

Even if you have a retail, you should consider selling your products online as it is becoming more popular among the people. To build an eCommerce website, there are many solutions. The most reliable one is to deal with a Website Developer company in Dubai. If you ask me why in Dubai? I refer you to this quote:

Sheikh Mohammed: "UAE is not a country in the world; it is a world in a country!"

If you are successful in Dubai, you've conquered the region.

Some trustable web-design companies in Dubai can deliver high-quality eCommerce to their customers. This article investigated the top 5 eCommerce developers in Dubai with their pros and cons.

Top 5 web design agencies in Dubai

Before going through the details, bear in mind that dealing with cheap companies or freelancers is the worst solution as they don't have good support; they give you a low-quality website and non-standard eCommerce in SEO. Better not to create a website if you don't have enough budget for that.

We have considered these factors for each company to come up with the top 5 eCommerce developers in Dubai:

· Design: How your eCommerce will look

· SEO: How your website would be standard in terms of SEO

· Support: How they support you after website delivery

· User Friendly: How easily you can work with your website after delivery

· Cost: How much is their price comparing to the other eCommerce developers


Office:             No 2101, BINARY TOWER, BUSINESS BAY, DUBAI, UAE.

Website:          https://websima.ae/

Phone:             +971 4 5656 871

If you are looking for a web design agency in Dubai to boost your ranking in Google for eCommerce websites, there you go! They are highly reliable as they have offices in Dubai & Sydney. All you need to do is to deal with them. Their team will do the rest.

· Design (10 out of 10): Awesome Designers. If you check some of their samples, you'll understand the magic of their designers.

· SEO Standards (10 out of 10): Probably the best SEO marketing team in the UAE.

· Support (8 out of 10): They give you three months of free support after delivery which is good, but if you need more, they will charge you.

· User Friendly (9 out of 10): You will receive a WordPress platform to work with. It is easy to use and almost similar to the other companies.

· Cost (9 out of 10): It worth it to work with them comparing their cost to the other companies.

For more information go to “SEO price in Dubai” article on our website.

2- Code&Co

Office:             No 1408 Bayswater Tower, Business Bay, Dubai UAE

Website:          https://www.codeandco.ae/

Phone:             +971 55 101 6085

Best eCommerce Development Companies in Dubai

Code&Co is a trustable company to deal with them for eCommerce projects in Dubai. They have an office in the U.S.A as well. They introduce themselves as an all-rounder, but in our experience, they are good at eCommerce, but not in other industries.

· Design (10 out of 10): They have a range of designers to meet your expectations. You don't copy; instead, they create a design for you.

· SEO Standards (8 out of 10): They are familiar with SEO standards, but they are not the best in the market.

· Support (10 out of 10):  You can trust them in this field. After website delivery, just keep the contact with them.

· User Friendly (10 out of 10):  You will have an easy-to-use platform after website delivery.

· Cost (8 out of 10):  In terms of cost, they are ok, but you can find a better price in the market with almost the same service.

3- Element8

Office:             No 3401, Latifa Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website:          https://www.element8.ae/

Phone:             +971 4 3545956

They are the most famous web design company in Dubai. In terms of eCommerce, they are also good enough. If you are willing to invest big on your website, you can deal with them. They give you high-quality service at a high cost.

· Design (9 out of 10): They have a professional team of designers—no need to worry about this term.

· SEO Standards (10 out of 10): They are excellent in terms of SEO standards.

· Support (9 out of 10): Their support is perfect; however, it comes with a cost again.

· User Friendly (9 out of 10): They use the WordPress CMS as well. It is user friendly.

· Cost (6 out of 10): They offer you a pretty high price. It depends on your budget to deal with them or not.

4- GoGulf

Office:             No 2406, Saeed Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Website:          https://www.go-gulf.ae/

Phone:             +971 4 282 2203

It is one of the oldest companies in this market. They are experienced, reliable, and well known.

· Design (6 out of 10): They use old UI/UX methods to design a website. You may like it, but it is not an updated sketch anyway.

· SEO Standards (7 out of 10): They are aware of SEO standards but not the best in the market.

· Support (9 out of 10): You will receive adequate support from them at a meagre cost.

· User Friendly (8 out of 10): Depending on the CMS you ask, they will prepare an easy-to-use platform for you.

· Cost (9 out of 10): Their prices are fair; they don't get the best service, but it is worth it.

5- AlwafaaGroup

Office:             Mezzanine Floor, Atrium Bld., Abu Hail, Dubai

Website:          https://www.alwafaagroup.com

 Phone:            +971 4 2636936

However, they have different kinds of services such as software, app development and web design; they are mostly known for their eCommerce services.

· Design (7 out of 10): Depending on your taste, you may like or dislike their design. It is not a new trending design anyway.

· SEO Standards (7 out of 10): You will receive an SEO standard website with them but not the best.

· Support (8 out of 10): They have adequate support with their team. However, it is a little confusing to deal with them as they are a huge company.

· User Friendly (8 out of 10): They offer you a standard platform to work with your website.

· Cost (8 out of 10): Reasonable service at a reasonable price.

Compare Ecommerce Agencies in Dubai

You can find a brief of what we talked about in the table below:

Best eCommerce Development Companies in Dubai

We suggest you read the "eCommerce Website Cost in Dubai" article to estimate your project's cost in Dubai for an eCommerce website.

Keep in mind that in Dubai's market, some other good companies are working in this field. In this article, we just tried to reveal the top five companies based on our experience.


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