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2 September 2021 - 17:44
Top 5 London’s PCO cars to rent

Rental plans look a bit challenging to choose for PCO drivers who want to hire a PCO car for the first time, or are not satisfied with the previous PCO car hire experience. While reading the experienced PCO drivers reviews on the different PCO cars available in London’s market can give the idea of what cars are the best to rent. Therefore, it is necessary to know the top PCO cars to rent in London.

In this article, we share the top 5 PCO cars efficiency from the drivers’ point of views based on what they claimed as a review. This way you can have a clear view of each of the mentioned vehicles in the list below:

Kia Niro PCO car

Let’s see how Max, a professional Uber driver feels about having a Kia Niro PCO car rental:

“I have rented several PCO cars in the past 2 years of my career as being an Uber driver. Among all of them, the most recent choice, Kia Niro seems to be the best (maybe in the future I rent another vehicle and say the same thing again!). In fact, Kia Niro offered me everything I expected from a quality PCO car. From having enough space for passengers as it is an SUV to being uniquely designed. After all, I use my rented car for personal purposes as well. If anyone right now, asks me what is the best PCO car to rent my answer would be definitely a Kia Niro.”

When we read this positive review of Max, we decided to make sure if this vehicle is truly worth it to be rented as a PCO car, so we browsed different PCO car rental companies to have the correct rental fees. 

In most of the companies, Kia Niro PCO car costs between £250 to £300 per week. 

Toyota Prius pco car hire

Alex is a Bolt driver in the UK who just hired Toyota Prius as his PCO vehicle. Through the 5-year experience of being a Bolt driver, he used to drive with his own car. Recently, his vehicle was no longer eligible to Bolt and he was forced either to buy or to rent a new vehicle. As he couldn’t afford to buy, he started a rental plan. 

“compared to my previous car, which was an old model of Ford Galaxy, there were a few vehicles that could meet my expectations. But Toyota Prius taught me I was wrong. Of course, people have positive reviews for Toyota Prius hybrid, the saloon model, I chose Toyota Prius + and I am totally satisfied with the vehicle. Not only it is affordable to rent, but also it is spacious enough for those who want to work in crowded areas where people usually take Bolt in the group.”

The rental fee of Toyota Prius in most of the credible PCO car companies in the UK are:

  1. Toyota Prius (hybrid) from £200 per week
  2. Toyota Prius (plug-in) from £250 per week
  3. Toyota Prius + (hybrid) from £200 per week

Mercedes E class

Leslie, a fan of luxury cars who is apparently a PCO driver as well, has this idea about Mercedes Benz E class PCO car:

“I am into the classy and luxury vehicles to drive but could never imagine being a driver in one of them. that’s when PCO car rental plans made me feel different. I could finally rent a Mercedes E class PCO car and achieve my dream even without having much money! From the technical point of view, Mercedes E class is a great choice and I highly recommend anyone who is crazy about Benz cars, choose a Mercedes E class rental plan first, to check if they really like it or not.”

Top 5 London’s PCO cars to rent

If you want to rent a Mercedes Benz E class PCO car in London, you may be charged between £250 to £300 based on the model, per week. 

Volkswagen Sharan

“One of the other vehicles you can take multiple riders or group passengers is Volkswagen Sharan.” Said Benjamin, a PCO driver in the UK. He completes his words like this:

“To me, having group passengers is really important. I love taking passengers from airports, hotels, shopping malls, etc. where they are mostly together and I can earn more tips. One of the other vehicles you can take multiple riders or group passengers is Volkswagen Sharan. Don’t underestimate this vehicle as it is a great fuel-economy vehicle too.”

Whether you have the same attitude as Benjamin or you have other reasons to choose 7 seater PCO cars in the UK, you can rent them for £210 per week. 

Nissan Leaf pco car

Nissan Leaf is one of the other popular PCO cars and the last one in the top 5 PCO cars we listed here. Many people for being full electric, many others like it for being small but spacious, and many like it for being from a quality brand called Nissan! But Jessica has another reason for loving Nissan Leaf!

“I am a true environmentalist who believes having an electric PCO car is the first step of becoming a good PCO driver. But, I love Nissan Leaf, for not only being fully electric, rather because it is actually like a leaf! Fast to drive, easy to control and so delightful!” 

You can rent Nissan Leaf PCO car rental plans in the UK for the price of between £230 to £270 rental fee per week.

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