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26 February 2022 - 11:59
Nose surgery in Tehran - A dreamy nose job

A lot of people around the world are not satisfied with how their noses look. Some of them would like to change the shape of their noses. Others may want to modify the angle, size, or the size of their nostrils.

For years, nose job has been helping thousands of people around have a more pleasing nose. Since Iran is known to be the capital of nose job globally, thousands of patients travel to Iran to have the nose they dream of.

The cost of a Nose job in Iran

The cost of nose jobs in Iran is much lower than the cost in the United States of America and Europe. Even with the extra charges of the flight and the hotel, you could still save a lot of money.

The cost of nose job surgery in the United States of America starts from $4,000 and goes up to $14,000. In European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, it can cost you from $8,000 to $12,500 to have a nose job.

In Iran, the prices of nose job surgery range from $1,700 to $4,000. These prices can include the visa to Iran, the necessary lab test, and accommodation.

The Quality of nose job in Iran

Nose surgery in Tehran - A dreamy nose job

Iran has some of the best nose job surgeons in the world. The plastic surgeons in Iran are well trained and have extensive experience performing nose jobs. You can be confident that the surgeon will give you the best results that fit your ethnic characteristics.

Furthermore, the surgeons will guarantee you have minimal scarring. The surgeon will make the incision in a way that makes it less noticeable to others.

Nose job and statistics in Iran

With more than 200,000 nose jobs performed each year, Iran sits on the top of the list of nose jobs rated per year. Furthermore, Iran has a success rate that exceeds 90%. Most of the patients who have a nose job in Iran are satisfied with the results.

You can say that Iran worked hard to earn the title of “Capital of rhinoplasty in the World.” It is the country that you can visit to get a perfect nose.

Nose job safety in Iran

Iran is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, mainly because of the significant number of people who travel there to have plastic surgery, with the majority of them seeking a nose job in Iran.

Iran has a lot of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. All of these medical centers are prepared with advanced medical equipment with well-trained staff to operate them.

The doctors, nurses, and all of the other medical staff will work together to ensure your safety and satisfaction. You can depend on them and know that they will take good care of you.

Nose job revision in Iran

With their extensive experience, Iranian surgeons can help you correct the unsatisfying results from a previous nose job. You will be able to fix the results and have guaranteed good results at a low cost.

Check the reviews before having a nose job

Many of Iran’s plastic surgeons have a gallery of their work available online. This means that you can view the results from older surgeries and see previous patients' reviews before you have the surgery.

This can help you be more confident about the surgery beforehand. This can also help you get a better visual perception of how your nose will look after the surgery.

Beautiful nose and good vacation

Nose surgery in Tehran - A dreamy nose job

In addition to the above reasons, you can seize the opportunity to enjoy a lovely vacation in Iran. If you visit Iran on the cold days of winter, you can enjoy visiting some of its beautiful islands like Qeshm island, Kish Island, and Hormuz Island and enjoy the warm weather there. If you are into historical monuments, you can visit the ancient ruins of Persepolis.

How to arrange your trip to Iran?

Having surgery in a foreign country may seem a frightening idea. However, you should know that having a nose job in Iran can be easier than you think. Nowadays, there are a lot of medical tourism companies that can help you get all things done. One of the best medical tourism facilitators available in Iran is GOMEDIRAN.

GOMEDIRAN can help you with both your trip and treatment. When you contact GOMEDIRAN, you will have a free consultation. Then, they will link you with the best doctors, hospitals, and medical centers. They will find you the best lab to have your tests and provide you with all the medicine you may need.

GOMEDIRAN can help you obtain a visa to Iran, book a room in a good hotel, and provide transportation (from and to the hospital). They will have someone to stay with you and help you communicate with your doctors and therapist and make sure everything is going well.

If you decide to enjoy yourself in Iran before returning home, they can arrange a tour that you will never forget. Finally, they will take you to the airport when you want to go back home.

When you are home, the medical staff will stay in contact with you through them to make sure you are doing fine and to monitor your healing process.

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