Tehran has become diplomacy capital in region: Spox

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Tehran would host important visits by leaders of regional states, as the city has become the capital of diplomacy in the region.

Speaking in his first press conference on Wednesday in his capacity as the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Naser Kanani said that the diplomacy apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran has focused on strengthening neighborliness policy and relations with independent countries to improve the Iranian people’s livelihood and neutralize sanctions.

Kanani said that United States President Joe Biden has claimed in his op-ed published by The Washington Post that his trip was aimed partly to help the Middle East to establish peace, while a glance at US foreign policy shows that this is not consistent with the current American policies.

The US government cannot shift the blame by a single memo and they should know that the violent policy in the region and supporting such a policy would draw a reaction, the spokesman said.

The Zionist regime is fake in nature and the US obeys the regime, he noted, adding that the US presence in the region, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, was illegal and has caused much damage to the people.

US government and its president should revise their foreign policy and change their behavior and stop supporting the Zionist regime, which is the main cause of insecurity in the region.

On the situation of imprisoned Iranian citizen Assadollah Assadi in Belgium, he underlined that Tehran was negotiating with Brussels to ensure the citizen’s release.

He said that all Iran’s nuclear activities are monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, slamming the Zionist regime prime minister for commenting on the issues while the regime hasn’t signed NPT and has violated international law and the rights of many nations.

Members of the United Nations and other countries should follow up the Zionist regime’s nuclear situation, the spokesman urged, warning that the responsibility of any sabotage actions in Iran lied with the countries supporting the regime.

He also responded the French foreign minister’s comments on the Vienna talks, saying that Iran’s position was obvious and it was committed to the talks to settle disagreements.

Had it not been for Iran’s efforts, the diplomacy window wouldn’t be open now, Kanani said, adding that the European sides obviously know that it is for Iran’s responsible behavior that the diplomacy window is open now.

Iran will remain in the path of negotiations until other parties are committed to the process of the talks, but Iran won’t keep its economic and trade relations waiting for the JCPOA, according to the spokesman.

He described the French foreign minister’s comments as being political, adding that figures show that tourism has grown in Iran and many French tourist have travel to Iran, while security incidents have been in the lowest level.

On the normalization talks between Iran and Egypt, he said that the two sides have direct diplomatic link and there is no need to a go-between, as the two sides have official diplomatic negotiations.

Regarding the issues between Turkey and Syria, Kanani said that Tehran welcomed a political solution and had given the necessity advices to both parties.

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