Shoori: US has left no choice, but to closer Iran and Russia

“Not just returning to JCPOA and not lifting the severe sanctions against Iran, the US has left no other choice for Iran but to get closer to Russia”, said an Iranian expert in international issues to KhabaOnline news agency.  

“With the difficult conditions that the US has created for Iran, as well as for Russia after the Ukraine war, there is no other choice for both countries except closer proximity,” Mahmoud Shoori, an expert on Iran and Russia issues went on: "Definitely, had the JCPOA been revived and the US under Biden’s had lifted Iran’s sanctions, now the situation would be much more different, and we would have witnessed a balance in Iran's foreign policy."
Saying that geopolitical alignment and demarcation, which was thought to have disappeared after the end of the Cold War, is being revived, Shoori considered its concrete manifestation in the fields of energy and said: “After the war in Ukraine, the world is facing a challenge that may is to trouble the entire capitalist system.”
Referring  to Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran, he said: "This trip will take place in the form of the Astana meeting, which according to records is a tripartite effort to manage the crisis, reduce tension and resolve the conflict in Syria and had not been held in the last three years due to the corona pandemic."
Stating that it is not likely to imagine that Russia and Turkey suddenly became interested in discussing Syria in Tehran, this expert said: “In the current situation, this type of interaction between Russia, Iran and Turkey is naturally important for Putin. This interaction is also very important for Turkey due to its type of relations with the West and Russia. Therefore, the entanglement of the tripartite interests of these three countries is quite evident.”
According to Mahmoud Shoori, all three countries based on the situation after the war in Ukraine and the US refusal to back the JCPOA have strong motivations for joint interaction, and the Syrian issue can only be a good excuse for this meeting will be held in the old format of Astana, but new and fresh discussions will be raised in it.

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