Incorrect, unmeasured, untimely, Iran says of E3 statement: Spox

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that the three European countries’ joint statement on the situation of the talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal was based on an incorrect, unmeasured stance and was issued at an improper time.

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Nasser Kanaani said that Iran spared no effort to act innovatively and constructively and clear the path for a deal, noting that other participants were also expected to act constructively.

Kanaani said that the UK, France, and Germany have raised an issue in their joint statement which was solved in 2015 when the nuclear deal was signed.

The conclusion in 2015 and the consecutive reports issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Iran’s nuclear activity was peaceful, the spokesman noted.

Iran was and is as much supportive of nuclear disarmament as it is committed to non-proliferation and calls for non-discriminatory and unbiased implementation of the safeguards by the IAEA, Kanaani noted.

He underscored the necessity of IAEA’s fulfilling its obligations in a professional manner regardless of the pressures exerted by third parties, especially in relation to the unfounded allegations made by a non-committed and non-member of the safeguards community, referring to the Zionist regime’s accusations against Iran.

The spokesman castigated the three European states for being influenced by the pressures imposed by the Zionist regime, advising them to take a constructive approach to the Vienna talks.

On Iran’s ascension to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the spokesman said that Iran’s full membership is in progress and was mutually beneficial for both Iran and the SCO.

He said that Iran was going to sign the commitments memorandum on President Ebrahim Raisi’s upcoming visit to Uzbekistan to take part in the SCO summit in Samarkand.

Asked about the visa issuance for President Raisi to be able to attend the United Nations General Assembly, Kanaani underlined that the US government is obliged to prepare the ground for the participation of world leaders in the global event and Iran expects Washington to do so in this case.

He said that no draft resolution was presented for the ongoing IAEA Board of Governors regarding Iran, but Tehran expected the agency and the BoG to adopt a constructive approach.

On the situation with the talks to revive the JCPOA, he said that Iran was waiting for the US to provide its answer, noting that the blame for the current situation was on Washington and they had to prove they were trustworthy enough to rejoin the deal.

He denied the reports claiming that Iran had raised new issues preventing a conclusion, accusing the Western parties of involving in psychological operations and excessive demands.

The spokesman also dismissed the allegations that Iran had carried out the cyberattacks against Albania, criticizing the countries making statements on the alleged attacks while they were silent when Iran was targeted by similar attacks.

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