Agreement within reach on JCPOA if US shows goodwill

Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said that an agreement over JCPOA is within reach provided that the US shows goodwill.

He made the remarks in his 7th live televised speech on Wednesday evening.

Turning to his recent visit to Samarkand of Uzbekistan to take part in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)’s Summit and also to New York for attending the 77th Annual UN General Assembly meeting, President Raeisi said that significant issues were discussed with the leaders of the Organization in Uzbekistan and also presidents of countries of world in New York in line with strengthening bilateral talks and enhancing Iran's position in international arenas.

Stating that Iran's economic relations with SCO’s member states can help Iran to boost and enhance its ties with these countries which is of paramount importance, the president added, “In addition to attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, we also held high-profile meeting with the President of China Xi Jinping regarding the 25-year agreement and also conclusion of contracts in the field of energy, activation of trade between the two countries as well as monetary and financial issues between the two countries.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Raeisi pointed to his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Uzbekistan and said that trade ties between the two countries has surpassed more than 80 percent after high-profile meetings held in this regard.

Regarding Iran’s trade relations with Tajikistan, Raeisi stated that Iran’s trade with this country has also increased up to six-fold in the current year as compared to the years ago.

Totally, Islamic Republic of Iran under the new administration has taken giant strides in strengthening its relations with countries of world especially neighboring states, he continued.

Pointing to his visit to New York for attending 77th UN General Assembly, President Raeisi said that it was the first visit to New York after the martyrdom of Iran’s top commander Lt. Gen. Soleimani, so that “I had to stand up for the inalienable rights of Iranian nation and become the voice of the noble nation of Islamic Iran.”

Presenting the right positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran over nuclear issues and also avoiding the double standards in the human rights issues, etc. were of the most important topics delivered at a speech at the podium of the United Nations, Raeisi added.

The president then referred to his visit with the French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Iran’s nuclear deal, aka known as JCPOA, and emphasized that Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously determined to reach a stable and lasting agreement provided that economic benefits and interests of the country must be secured.

The United States must give guarantee to the Islamic Republic of Iran that it does not leave the JCPOA again as did it in previous, he noted.

The Americans withdrew from the landmark nuclear deal and European involved in JCPOA talks including UK, France and Germany failed to live to their commitments under JCPOA, Raeisi reiterated, adding that reaching an agreement over JCPOA is within reach provided that the US must show its goodwill.

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