Dasmalchian: Iran is in no Rush to establish relations with KSA

“Saudi Arabia is yet to make a definite decision to improve its relations with its neighbors, especially It has not reached Iran”, former Iran’s ambassador to Jordan said to KhabaOnline news agency, pointing out that KSA thinks it can change the regional arena in its favor by following the same past policies.

Interviewing to KhabarOnline, Ahmad Dastmalchian, Former ambassador of Iran to Lebanon and Jordan said: The Saudis have already announced the transfer of power in Iraq as the reason for postponing negotiations with Iran. It seems that this is just an excuse, and the reality is that Saudi Arabia has not yet reached a definitive decision to improve its relationship with Iran.

“Saudi Arabia is still walking on the path of past mistakes,” he added: “Despite the numerous failures it has suffered in regional policies and despite being discredited in the regional arena, especially in the two cases of the heinous murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the defeat suffered by Yemen's Ansarullah, it still thinks that it can lead the regional arena by following the past policies.”

According to Iranian diplomat, Saudi Arabia cannot achieve stability and peace without changing its past policies and without stabilizing the balance with its neighbors, especially with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Dastmalchian said: “MBS knows that after his father’s demise, he has to carry out the process of power transfer in a calm environment, and if this calm environment is not provided, he will not be able to carry out this power transfer as well as he wishes.”

Emphasizing that Saudi Arabia must make a strategic decision, Dastmalchian believes that “If Saudi Arabia is still hoping for help from the Zionist regime and the United States, it is very wrong, because the US and Israel will turn their backs on Riyadh when necessary to protect their interests. So far, Biden has done this and a big challenge has been created between America and KSA.”

“Saudi Arabia should know that peace and stability in the region can only be achieved with the collective participation of all countries in the region and without the interference of foreign countries”, he emphasized: “Iran continues to act with a policy of patience and waiting regarding Saudi Arabia and is in no rush to establish relations with Saudi Arabia unless a visible signal and action is seen from Saudi Arabia.”

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