Hezbollah attacks disabled Israeli radar, spying systems: Report

The Zionist regime’s media outlets have once again admitted to the regime’s defeat against the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in the northern areas of the occupied territories.

According to the Palestinian Shehab news agency, Israeli media outlets said Hezbollah has managed to disable the warning systems of the Israeli army by targeting the radar and spying systems of the occupying entity.

“Hezbollah has targeted a large number of spying, radar, and warning systems of the occupying army,” they said.

“Hezbollah has made the warning capabilities of the Zionist army ineffective, and even the majority of Zionists have no knowledge of this operation by Hezbollah,” the Israeli media stated.

According to reports, since the beginning of the Israeli regime's war against Gaza in October, Hezbollah has targeted the air control unit of the Miron base and shot down surveillance balloons near the Golani junction in an attempt to immobilize the Israeli air force.

Israeli forces and Hezbollah have exchanged fire almost every day since the occupying regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza more than seven months ago.

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