Book featuring Xi Jinping’s articles, speeches published in Persian ‎ ‎

‘On Building a Human Community with a Shared Future’ (2019), a book featuring ‎a collection of 85 articles and speeches by Chinese leader Xi Jinping since 2012 has been ‎translated into Persian and published. ‎

Mohammad Reza Noroozpour (PhD) is the translator of this book carried out based on the English version of the work printed by The Institute of Party History and Literature of the Central Committee of the Communist ‎Party of China.
Tehran-based Farhang-e Mana Publishing has released this book under the title of ‘Chinese Dream: On Building a Human Community with a Shared Future’’ in 636 pages.
In his introduction, Noroozpour writes: "Regardless of whether one likes China or not, whether one tends to the West or the East, China is an unavoidable reality of our time. Nowadays, having a strategic tie with China is not an option, but an obligation, even China's strategic enemies such as the United States have not ignored this obligation.
"In order to realize this approach and achieve a comprehensive strategic partnership based on mutual benefit, we have to take a new look upon China," he adds.
Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of the CPC Central ‎Committee, President of the People’s Republic ‎of China, and the ‎highest military leader of that country.
 Book featuring Xi Jinping’s articles, speeches published in Persian ‎ ‎
The purpose of the book ‎is to help readers gain a clearer understanding of ‎Xi’s ‎thinking on building a human community with a shared future. ‎Notes and ‎an index have been added to this version.‎
Excerpts from the speeches made by the China's leader in the book:

“With dreams, opportunities, and work, all beautiful things can be ‎made a reality. At ‎present, the Chinese people are working to realize the ‎Chinese Dream of national ‎rejuvenation.‎”
 “China is an important member of both the Asian and the global family. ‎China cannot ‎achieve development in isolation from the rest of Asia or the ‎world. For Asia and the ‎world to enjoy prosperity and stability they too ‎need China.‎”
“We are aware that China remains the world’s ‎largest developing country. We are committed to further reform and efforts to upgrade ‎infrastructure.‎”
“Development bears on the hopes and the very survival of the peoples ‎of all countries. It ‎embodies the expression of their dignity and their rights. ‎It is in such a context that we ‎laid down the Millennium Development ‎Goals 15 years ago in an effort to better the lives ‎of hundreds of millions ‎of people.‎” / Ibna

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