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29 December 2011 - 22:03

Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says the country's naval forces will test their latest achievements in the next days of the “Velayat 90” drill.

Sayyari said on Thursday that the tactical phase of the drill will come to an end Friday night and the phase for testing new naval technologies will be starting the next day.

He added that the tactics employed during the tactical phase of the naval maneuver showed the “creativity of the young Iranian commanders.”

Sayyari further described monitoring the activities of trans-regional forces in the area of the Velayat 90 drill as one of the greatest achievements of Iranian navy commanders.

Earlier on Thursday, the Iranian Navy identified and recorded footage and images of a US aircraft carrier in the area where Iran is currently holding its navy military exercises.

On Monday, Iran's Navy also repelled a foreign helicopter that had approached the site of the country's naval drills. The helicopter was forced to leave the region following the stern warning of the Iranian forces.

Iran's Navy launched the 10-day Velayat 90 naval exercise on December 24, covering an area stretching from the east of the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden.
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