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29 December 2011 - 22:08

Analyzing the recent developments in the Middle East, Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani suggested today that the US has made a plot meant for provoking crisis between races and tribes of the region.

Delivering a lecture in Majlis, Larijani referred to the latest incidents in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and said: "Losing its dictator players in the Middle East, the United States is currently suffering from political humiliation which has damaged its hegemony in the region."
"To resolve such problem, the US made effort to divert the course of the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, but became disappointed of the results of elections held in Tunisia and Egypt," the Majlis Speaker added.
"Through recourse to military gestures in the region including the establishment of a missile defense shield and espionage by their unmanned aircrafts the US statesmen tried to make up for their waning political prestige but it didn't work so much," he said.
To top Iranian legislator went on to say: "Even some of these gestures backfired as it was proved in the case of their spy drone. Currently the US officials are trying to create baseless problems in the course of revolutions in the region to divert the attention of people from main problems to marginal ones."
Earlier, Iran could seize an unmanned American stealth RQ-170 Sentinel aircraft within the country. The US President Barack Obama asked Iran to give the downed American spy drone back, but his request was rejected by the Islamic Republic officials.
"Such diversion would damage the revolutionary movements in the Middle East and North Africa. To make the Islamic groups of the region to become cynical to each other and creating tension between them is a new conspiracy designed by the US since a month ago, although it has not proved successful yet," Larijani asserted.
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