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4 January 2012 - 14:16

An Iranian pilot, who recently managed to safely land his malfunctioning Boeing 727 airliner, has condemned the Western sanctions against Iran's public air transportation sector, saying he has launched a campaign to counter the measures.

The campaign to counter the sanctions against Iran's air transportation is aimed at protesting the exploitation of human rights by the world's major powers, said noted Iranian pilot Houshang Shahbazi.

The West violates human rights regulations by imposing sanctions against Iran's air transportation industry, which could be described as interference in the internal affairs of other countries under the false pretext of defending human rights, he added.

He emphasized that the campaign and its website, have been initiated with the intention to invoke objections by true advocates of human rights against those that desire to endanger the lives of public passengers for political gains.

Shahbazi noted that the move has been warmly welcomed.

The famed Iranian pilot succeeded in a brave move to land his Iran Air Boeing 727 aircraft, with 94 passengers and 19 crew members on board, while the plane's front landing gear jammed during the landing approach to a Tehran airport on October 18, 2011.

He kept the nose of the aircraft off the ground as the flight from Moscow sped down the runway at Tehran's Mehrabad International Airport until it came to a safe halt.
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