The Iranian parliament’s response to European Union’s oil embargo against Tehran is “natural”, a Foreign Ministry official said on Tuesday.

The parliament is working out a plan to halt Iran’s oil exports to the European countries that voted for sanctions on Iran’s oil industry.


“I think that the people of European countries will be harmed more than anyone else, and it is a matter of regret and surprise that officials of European countries, without taking the condition of the people of their own countries into consideration, take a path of putting pressure on the people,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told a regular news briefing. “Entering the political games of U.S. officials and succumbing to their pressure put European countries on the path which endangers their own people’s security and welfare.”

U.S. will not find Iran’s response to sanctions pleasant

The countries that impose sanctions on Iran will not find the Iranian nation’s response “pleasant”.

Mehmanparast made the remarks during his regular press briefing on Tuesday in reply to a question asked by the correspondent for the Tehran Times about the fact that U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing new sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran on Monday.

According to Reuters, the executive order prevents any assets deemed to be in U.S. control, including foreign branches of U.S. banks, from being transferred, paid, exported, or withdrawn.

Mehmanparast said, “The issue of sanctions pursued by Western countries and U.S. officials is not a new issue. The issue… is regarded as a hostile measure and indicates that officials of Western countries, particularly the Americans, have not yet come to know our great nation.”

“If illogical pressure and inhumane methods are used to hinder the progress of the country and to prevent it from achieving its rights, they (countries that impose sanctions) will definitely not receive a pleasant response from our nation,” he added.

He also said that the sanctions will only make the Iranian nation more determined to achieve their goals.

Countries should think about their own interests

In reply to a question about the news reports saying that the central banks of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have told lenders to stop financing trade with Iran, Mehmanparast said that the countries that have joined the Western countries in piling pressure on Iran “must be aware that they are sacrificing their national interests for the illegitimate purposes of the Western countries and the Americans. And they themselves will be harmed.”

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