Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast responded to the interfering remarks of British Foreign Secretary William Hague rejecting his claim that Iranian Majlis (parliament) election was not free and fair.

According to Khabar Online political correspondent, Mehmanparast stated on Saturday: "What British Foreign Secretary said reflects the meddling approach and the frustration of the UK officials since their hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran did not lead to a result for them."
"In his statement, Mr. Hague tried to overshadow the extensive and glorious participation of people in the free and fair Majlis election of Iran," Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out.
Earlier Britain's Foreign Secretary claimed the poll was held against a backdrop of fear that meant the result would not reflect the will of the people, AP reported.
"In these circumstances it is not surprising that most of Iran's reformist wing chose not to stand, reducing the elections to an internal competition among conservatives. As such, we do not believe the elections can be presented as reflecting the will of the people," said William Hague.
Dismissing unfounded and baseless allegations of British Foreign Secretary, Mehmanparast stated: “We advise the British officials to avoid repeating their big past mistakes such as ignoring the realities and dynamic process of democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran."
We recommend them to respect the choice made by Iranian nation and bow to the glory and powerful move of our people in line with defending their independence and national interests," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman added.
In another meddling remark, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said as well: “We continue to call on Iran to conduct free and fair elections that reflect the Iranian people's will; however, based on past record and a history of fraudulent elections, we have no expectation they will be."
Earlier, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed Iranian nation: "Because of the controversies over Iran and increased verbal threats ... the more people come to the polling stations, the better for the country." he said after casting his ballot.
The leader went on to say: "The higher the turnout, the better for the future, prestige and security of our country. The vote always carries a message for our friends and our enemies."
3444 qualified nominees vetted by Iran’s top legislative body, the Guardian Council ran for the national parliamentary election and the results shows that by know the Principaliats much closer to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will win the majority of seats in the 9th Majlis.


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