Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will attend the Majlis session on Wednesday to respond to questions from lawmakers on a range of different issues.

Regarding an agreement between Majlis (parliament) and the president, Ahmadinejad will appear before the legislative body on Wednesday, Majlis Vice Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar said on Thursday.

Iran's Majlis has officially announced that it received a motion to question the Iranian chief executive.

On February 7, Majlis announced that Iranian lawmakers decided to summon President Ahmadinejad to question him on a number of issues.

The motion was signed by over 70 lawmakers, who say they want the president to attend a Majlis session and answer a number of questions about his administration's domestic policies, as well as the appointment and removal of key officials.

According to Article 88 of the country’s Constitution, the president must appear before Majlis within a month of being summoned, unless legislators decide to withdraw their bid to question him.

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