Iran's Majlis (parliament) speaker Ali Larijani and senior lawmaker Kazem Jalali won more than 60% of votes respectively in the cities of Qom and Shahroud at national parliamentary election despite enormous negative propagations against them.

According to Khabar Online's political correspondent, the final results show that Iranian top legislator and his representative in the Principlist's Unified Front received more votes among all the candidates who ran for the recent Majlis election held on March 2 with 3444 competitors.
Almost a week to the parliamentary election, by distributing a huge number of CDs and leaflets, a massive propaganda was used against Larijani in the religious city of Qom to damage his political character, but ultimately 270,000 out of 414,000 correct votes were cast in his favor.
Earlier, during the run-up to the election, at a meeting with the students and scholars of Qom seminaries Majlis speaker warned of efforts some make to play politics and perpetrate fraud in the parliamentary election, He noted that by pursuing their political objectives, some are to make the scene of the Majlis election tumultuous.
At that time Larijani asserted that he is not to respond and engage in a dispute with the perpetrators because such conflicts have turned into a political hobby within the country, while the key problems of people are inflation, high cost and unemployment.
On the other hand, Jalali, the spokesman of national security and foreign policy commission of Majlis who ran for the election as an independent candidate from Shahrood scored big and could take a parliament seat for the fourth time.
His success came after that through inviting the son of a famous cleric, his rivals tried to label them as "one of those who remained silent to sedition." The sedition is a term used by the officials and principlists for describing the protests staged against the disputed reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after June 12, 2009 by his opponents who suggested the election was rigged.
However, Jalali also could receive more than 60%, 71,331 out of the total 115,263 votes in his constituency.
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