A candidate of the election list, Seday-e Mellat (voice of nation), Hojat ul-Islam Ali Asgari suggested that in the final analysis, Iranian reformist leaders are not wholeheartedly against voting at the forthcoming Majlis (parliament) election.

Speaking to Khabar Online, Ali Asgari, a member of the 7th Majlis commented on the general position of Iranian reformist activists on their participation at the 9th Majlis election scheduled to be held on March 2. 3444 qualified nominees are running for the vote.
Responding to a question on the general partaking of the reformist factions at Majlis election, he said: "In my view, people have taken a special interest to the Islamic Republic system and cannot neglect what the late Imam Khomeini notified in his will on the significance of people's participation at the votes."
“I attended the 10th congress of Mardomsalari (democracy) party [a reformist party whose candidates are running for the Majlis election] where I made a speech," Ali Asgari stated.
"I suggested it's not good for those who are in line with the ideas of the late Imam Khomeini, to discard and shun the elections. There, many who have sympathy for the Islamic republic system thanked me," the reformist cleric added.
"Except some radical reformist leaders, the others will go to the polls. Possibly they were somehow against introducing a list of reformist candidates because they were saying the ground is not prepared for their contribution at the event, but I suppose that former president Mr. Mohammad Khatami will cast his vote," he opined.
The former lawmaker went on to say: "If we notice, we will realize that some other Messrs. were stressing that we have not discarded the Majlis election and went for rejecting that they have boycotted the vote."
"They may have said that that path is not facilitated for them to compete at the Majlis election, but they have always taken the principle of going to the polls into consideration," the reformist activist asserted.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Ali Asgari referred to the efforts made by some to damage the personality of those reformists who are running for the forthcoming election: "The first disrespectful actions and insults targeted Mostafa Kavakebian, the lawmaker and secretary general of Mardomsalari Party."
Earlier, Kavakebian, the lawmaker and the representative of Semnan and Mahdishahr at Majlis told Khabar Online that Putting limitation on endorsing the nominees who are to stand for the Majlis election, leads to limited participation by people and it's exactly what the enemies of Iran are seeking.
 "But for now such attacks have been reduced and the situation has been gradually improved near to the election day when impartial votes and those people who come from the main framework of reformism will also be cast," he said.
"Obviously they will primarily choose their own reformist candidates and then would possibly take the list of Seday-e Mellat consideration, since a part of their demands and requests have been included in the appropriate discourse of Mr. Ali Mottahari and our other friends," the cleric added.
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