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22 February 2012 - 10:34

Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic will react at a convenient time to misconducts of the enemies.

According to Khabar Online parliamentary correspondent, at a meeting with the students studying at the holy city of Qom’s Seminary, Majlis Speaker analyzed the situation of the Middle East region, world and the role played by Iran in the region.
"At the moment, the countries in the Middle East and throughout the world are witnessing that we are in a special and decisive situation," he said.
"It is due to such status that the arrogant powers are going to lose what they regarded as their investment in the other countries," the top Iranian legislator added.
Following his remarks, Larijany suggested: "The current status of Egypt and Tunisia implicates an important message for the bullying countries, and they know that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the origin and inventor of a significant and essential movement among the nations of the region."
"Recently our enemies have made some plans for the Middle East, but those plans have not work out in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan," Majlis Speaker said, adding "one of the reasons for their unsuccessful attempt is the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran."
"They received a shattering blow and by arriving barefoot to the scene of the region, they made a mistake since nobody gave them the red carpet treatment and people were resisted them instead," he asserted.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani referred again to the issue of Iran: "The pressures they put on us will be inconclusive. They suppose such pressures would convey their messages to other countries, but they are wrong because other nations will learn from the resistance of Iranian nation."
The West has pressed the Islamic Republic of Iran over its nuclear program which claims is meant for developing nuclear weapons despite Tehran’s permanent cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
On such alleged reason, the United Nations Security Council has already imposed four rounds of economic sanctions on Tehran, but the new measures are on trade with Iran's Central Bank (CBI) and embargo on Iran’s oil products.
Categorically rejecting these allegations, the Islamic Republic has stressed that its nuclear program is peaceful in nature aimed at civilian purposes. Tehran has been defiant to the requirements of the West powers although does not reject further negotiations on the issue.
 "Furthermore, we witnessed a number of misbehaviors by some countries in the region which desperately lobbied against us in the White House. We have not neglected such misdeeds and they should notice that they will receive our response at the right time," Majlis Speaker said.
“The entire situation has led the enemies to focus on the domestic affairs of our country. They have taken account on political pressure, causing economic confusion and the dissolution of our cultural foundations," Larijani concluded.


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