Editorial Director of Iranian reformist news daily 'E’temad-e Melli' (National Trust), Mohammad Javad Haq-Shenas said time is over for preparing the ground for maximum participation of people at the upcoming Majlis (parliament) election.

Speaking to Khabar Online today, Haq-Shenas underlined that one of the key tactics for motivating people to partake massively at the Majlis election could be the participation of all political factions and activists at the poll.
"A considerable portion of factions and individuals were prevented to run for the major national election. However in some regions of the country the ground is potentially provided for the passionate and maximal participation of voters," he said.
'E’temad-e Melli' is the official newspaper of an Iranian political reformist party with the same name established in 2005 by Mahdi Karroubi, former Parliament Speaker and candidate of disputed presidential election of June 2009 which reinstated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
"Regarding such regions, the Guardian Council should take appropriate measures and qualify the candidates to encourage people as much as possible for going to the polls," Haq-Shenas stated.
"To achieve such goal, the Guardian Council must facilitate the path for a fair and nondiscriminatory competition between the nominees," Editorial Director of 'Etemad-e Melli' asserted.
He suggested that the large turn out of people for the vote depends on the practice of the incumbent officials and those who hold the power "But the actions taken by the government has been in a way which gives the notion that a fair competition is not possible."
In earlier weeks, Iran’s Interior Ministry disqualified many registered candidates almost those who had criticized the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Many reformist and several Principlist nominees among them the incumbent members of the Majlis were disqualified by the Interior Ministry to run for the parliamentary election scheduled to be held on March 2, 2012.
However, the top 12-member legislative body of the Islamic Republic, the Guardian Council which monitors national elections in Iran and has the final say on vetting the nominees, revised the qualifications of several refused candidates (mostly non-reformists) and endorsed them.  
Elsewhere in his remarks, Haq-Shenas who is also a university instructor suggested that the level of people's participation in different regions of the country is not the same and in a particular city it could be higher than the other.
"Regarding the fact that in the small towns other task forces are formed in line with the Majlis election, the level of people's participation is generally higher and stands above 50%,” the reformist political activist added.
Earlier, Mostafa Kavakebian, the lawmaker and secretary general of the other Iranian reformist party, Mardomsalari told Khabar Online that Putting limitation on endorsing the nominees who are to stand for the Majlis election, leads to limited participation by people and it's exactly what the enemies of Iran are seeking.
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